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Unifi speed slow

Unifi speed slow

Name: Unifi speed slow

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Solved: Hey guys, Quick question about the built in throughput test on the iPhone app. Is it accurate? Mine shows extremely slow speeds when. i have UniFi AP-AC-LR and all seems to be working but internet speed test from wireless devices shows only about mbps upload and about the same for download. Any idea why it shows slow speeds like that? You can also run a WiFi speed test on the mobile app if you have it. Hi Guys, Maybe you can help me out here. I am having extrememly slow speeds compared to my wired connection. My wired connection is.

Solved: I have been racking my brain with this one for quite some time. I have a home unifi setup, prety basic: Controller on Debian. Solved: Firstly a happy new year to everyone and hope everyone had a festive holiday. Over the holiday whilst the family was/is away I upgrade. AP configuration on channel: Tried static channels on and , got very slow speed as mentioned earlier, and if I set all to Auto, I get slightly.

I'd enabled them at one point to test and messed up the speed numbers and spent a few hours debugging the same thing before realizing it. I like the controller software and the look of these, but the wireless speeds have been slow from day 1. When I run a hard wired speed test on. Solved: Sorry if this has been answered before, but i have been reading through other posts litteraly for days and tried every config i have seen. 22 Oct But 2 that only have maybe 5 users on them at one time a regular AP and the LR that are putting out very slow internet speed when user. This week I found out my Unifi getting slow, troubleshoot it tonight . for stock router i choose channel 1 and the speed max i can get 28mbps.

[B] Hello, since yesterday I am facing slow download speed on my Unifi. The speed is really slow like kb/sec for downloading on both. Hey, I have RCN's Gigabit speed. When I plug directly into my EdgeRouter POE I get about Mbps. But when I connect to my unifi ap ac pro. Hey guys, client with a 1Gbps Wan is using a TPLink router and getting mbps consistently on his 5ghz band. I wired an AC LR to it so. Malaysia's broadband champion and leading integrated information and Please ensure the device that connected to Streamyx/UniFi is working properly. Disclaimer: Troubleshooting guide for internet performance issues e.g slow.


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